Monica Scodeller

Board of Directors, Member

Monica Scodeller works for a respected private dental practice amongst the financial district of San Francisco. Tasked with the responsibility of dealing with patient relations, she has fulfilled this position since 2000. Through the duration of her profession, she has engaged in numerous communication classes in search of attaining greater sociability.

Defined by her spiritual disposition and devotion, she aspires to instill optimism and dignity within every environment. Therefore, given her deeply rooted friendship with Dena Betti and an impassioned demeanor, she has continually sought the service of the border since September 2019.

Apart from her occupation and charitable ventures, she maintains a joyful affection for her husband of 28 years. Furthermore, she is a charismatic mother of two respectable young men who demonstrate her virtues of integrity.

She enjoys cooking, fine cuisine, exploring neighboring trails, reading, as well as experiencing intimate moments amongst family and friends.