When you start a family all you hope for is health and happiness.  Jenna Betti is our oldest daughter. From her outside appearance you would say Jenna had a natural beauty about her.  She was vivacious and outgoing.  Her laugh commanded the attention of a room and her smile propelled your spirit.  In her 14 years she managed to amass an assembly of close friends.  To our family she was an amazing spark plug with the ability to keep the house fun and spirited.  Jenna meant so many special things to so many different people. 

  • There is beauty in hope
  • There is love in hope
  • There is possibility in hope
  • But most of all, there is a gift in hope



Then on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 5:03 pm the unexplainable happened and the Betti’s lives were forever altered.  Jenna died in a tragic train accident while trying to retrieve her forgotten cell phone from the tracks.

“I’ll never tell you the journey has been easy,” her mother, Dena shares.  “But we’ve learned that she is near even though we cannot see her, she is with us even though she feels so far away and she is in our hearts and souls forever. And, perhaps, the greatest thing I've learned is strength is a choice.   It's a knowing your life means something and all people deserve happiness despite their circumstances."


Every family copes with loss and hardship differently.  There is no right or wrong way to process your own personal grief. For Jenna's family they chose to live their love for Jenna out into the world by starting the hersmile Nonprofit.  It is their hope that they can help lift children, teens and adults up in everlasting hope, strength and inspiration and show it's possible to live a full life despite their most difficult circumstances and loss.

  • Love can heal
  • Love can guide
  • Life is a matter of choices, choose love
  • True love never dies
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Our Services

#hersmile seeks to inspire a life of hope, strength and inspiration.  We want to motivate you to live in your personal power every day because the power to live a happy life despite your circumstances lies within every person.  If we can do it, we believe YOU can too!


#hersmile’s approach is simple, yet transformative.  It is based on the integration of three fundamental elements:

Grief Outreach

We provide financial mini-grants and ongoing outreach to families who have had a dependent child die or a parent with dependent children pass away.

Pay it Forward

There is resiliency and healing in the Power of Your Smile. So pay forward your smile, science has shown that each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain.

Resiliency Training

There are steps we can take everyday to help us bounce back from tragedy and heartache allowing us to find peace and joy despite our circumstances.

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