What does #hersmile peer-to-peer fundraising platform help do?

#hersmile is an organization that helps an individual, family or community prepare, respond and rebound from difficult life circumstances.  We achieve our mission by helping raise funds for families who have experienced the loss of a dependent child, the loss of a parent with dependent children or experiencing extremely difficult or traumatic circumstances. We also support school’s Pre-K to 12th grade implementation and sustainability of their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum in order to help our future generations have the tools to cope and bounce back from life’s hardships and challenges. 


What life events qualify for a #hersmile peer-to-peer fundraising campaign?

In order to qualify for a #hersmile campaign, the life event would have to have been the death of a dependent child, the death of a parent with dependent child/ren, or a catastrophic circumstance.

Is #hersmile making money from fundraisers?

Fundraisers are free to start and promote a campaign. Ten percent (10%) from each contribution is funneled back into the #hersmile Nonprofit to support social and emotional learning curriculum for Pre-K to 12th grade students in participating schools and school districts.  The goal is to further empower mental wellness among young people so they may better manage the inevitability of life’s challenges in the future.   

For all campaigns, industry-standard credit card transaction fees apply.

When is a benefactor eligible to request a disbursement from their campaign?

#hersmile offers flexible funding. A benefactor is eligible to request a disbursement once every four weeks.

When will the benefactor receive the funds from the campaign?

Once a request for disbursement is submitted via email  to info@hersmile.org and receipt of submission is received by #hersmile, funds will be transferred via check and sent to the address you’ve requested. If 14 days has passed and you do not receive the check, please contact our support team who can review your situation further.

Is my donation tax deductible?

#hersmile is registered and approved with the IRS as a 501(c)3 (EIN: 47-0992161). Please consult your tax adviser for specific advice regarding the tax-deductibility of charitable contributions.

Can anyone contribute to a #hersmile peer-to-peer fundraising campaign?

Yes, anyone can contribute to a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign on hersmile.org. 

How does a #hersmile peer-to-peer fundraising campaign work?

An individual or group set-ups a campaign for an individual, family or community member in need.  Our plug-and-play platform allows for easy campaign set-up. #hersmile takes an active role in helping market, update and share each campaign that we manage.

Can I write a check to #hersmile?

Absolutely! Your donation can be designated for a specific campaign. Simply make your check out to “hersmile,” and remember to specify what campaign you’d like to donate to. Mail your check to:

#hersmile Nonprofit
294 Crestview Avenue
Martinez, CA 94553

How will people find my peer-to-peer campaign on hersmile.org?

Your fundraiser is integrated into the hersmile.org website. The primary ways that people will find out about your fundraiser are through your personal sharing of the campaign, as well as #hersmile sharing the campaign with their audience of followers.

Will my peer-to-peer fundraising campaign be verified before going live?

Yes, all campaigns must be vetted and verified.  The administrator reserves the right to request additional campaign specific information before approving the campaign.

Will #hersmile financially support our school or school district’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum?

#hersmile Nonprofit is an ambassador for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. If you are interested in learning how #hersmile can support SEL in your school or school district, please contact us by filling out our website’s contact form.