Building Resilience In Communities

 Social and Emotional Support that Fosters Overcoming and Growing From Setbacks

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf             


Who is #hersmile Nonprofit

#hersmile, a nonproft founded in honor of Jenna Betti, funds programs to empower and inspire people to thrive despite adversity.  Our goal is to promote healing and resiliency during tragedies and difficult times.

We provide mini-financial grants to families who have experienced the tragic loss of a dependent child or the loss of a parent with dependent children.  In addition, we fund programs in Pre-K through 12th grade that teach Social and Emotional Learning skills in order to best face life's great challenges.  Learn More

Dena Betti
Phone: 833-255-7895

5th Jenna Betti Memorial Golf Tournament

» 18 Holes of Golf

» 4-Person Scramble Golf

» Golf Cart, Range Balls & On Course Hospitality

» Lunch, Dinner and Awards Ceremony

The Power of Eternal Love

» Support Family Loss

» Support Social & Emotional Learning

» Support Resilience

» Support the Power of Love 


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Apparel Designed to Inspire

Is it possible to have a wardrobe that makes a difference?

Every piece of #hersmile apparel is designed to help inspire you to live an amazing life despite the challenges and hardships you face.  Our new Power of the Smile line inspires connection, love, inner peace, personal strength and personal care.  Choose, wear and embrace the inspiration of these tees in your life today!

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Everything We Do Revolves Around the Power of a Smile


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Pay it Forward

Pay forward a kind gesture & experience the amazing energy you bring to your life!


Tell us about the impact your pay it forward has had on you and those you’ve touched.


Honoring Your Loss, Grief Management, and the Importance of Self-Care

By #hersmile | April 13, 2019

Losing someone you love can bring on a wide range of emotions.  Some days you may feel you can barely breathe, and other days you may not even feel like it’s real.  It’s important to find ways to manage your grief.  Here are some strategies to help you through the process. Grief is individual.  Everyone […]

Will Cutting the Cord to Cable Really Make You Happier

By #hersmile | March 12, 2019

This month, I share with you an interesting twist to bring more happiness into your life by putting money back in your pocket.  To me, lightening the load on financial pressure, is a great strategy for bringing more joy your way. Last year, my good friend Colleen shared that her husband recently cut the cord […]

What’s Your Love Language

By #hersmile | February 11, 2019

There are many ways we can feel loved. While a quick search on the internet will quickly outline Gary Chapman’s five most common love languages i.e. words of affirmation, being of service, receiving gifts, quality time spent together and physical touch, how good is the information if we’re unable to utilize it in our own […]

The Case for Moving After a Tragic Loss

By #hersmile | February 11, 2019

After the loss of a close loved one—in particular, a spouse, child, or parent—your entire world is different. The home you shared that once brought you joy is suddenly an echo chamber of memories that make it harder for you to move on. Or maybe it’s on a much larger scale than that. Maybe the […]

What Is Your Superpower

By #hersmile | January 28, 2019

Are You Wasting Your Superpower? Ask anyone on the street what superhero’s superpower they wish they had and I’m sure we’d hear things like mind-reading, being invisible, super strength, lightning speed, the ability to fly or, perhaps, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Above all, it’s fun to think about what life […]

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