Who is #hersmile Nonprofit?

#hersmile, a nonproft founded in honor of Jenna Betti, funds programs to empower and inspire people to thrive despite adversity.  Our goal is to promote healing and resiliency during tragedies and difficult times.

We provide mini-financial grants to families who have experienced the tragic loss of a dependent child or the loss of a parent with dependent children.  In addition, we fund programs in middle schools and high school that teach resiliency and coping skills in order to best face life's great challenges.


4th Annual Jenna Betti Memorial Golf Tournament

Our nonprofit, #hersmile, was started in honor of our daughter Jenna's amazing spirit, smile and laugh.  It is so hard to believe we are gearing up for the 4th Annual Jenna Betti Memorial Golf Tournament.   Yet, in the four years since Jenna's passing we have been able to make great strides and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve.  Thanks to your contributions we have helped over 60 families that have been thrust into similar situations as our family and... read more>>

Conversational Change Weekly Video Series - Week #5

Have You Always Wanted To Have Super Powers...

Did you know self-awareness is rare...even with humans? Well it absolutely is.  A fascinating study was done back in 1970 by a psychologist by the name of Gordon Gallup Jr. who attempted to determine whether a non-human animal possesses the ability of self-recognition by temporarily placing dye on the animal and then placing the animal in front of a mirror. If they examined the mark after seeing their reflection, they were considered to be self-aware.  So far, only 7 non-human species have passed the test!

That’s fascinating to me, confirming how special the ability is within us.  Without a sense of self-awareness we literally miss out on the ability to create or modify any aspect of ourselves in order to get the outcomes we want in life.  

But what I see when I look around myself is a lot of people not exercising this truly ‘special power’ and living very reactionary lives...living lives based on what feels good verses being aware of the outcome of their behaviors (i.e. the Harvey Weinsteins of the world).

Had I not developed and honed this skill in my early twenties I would have never survived the passing of my 14-year-old daughter Jenna.   And even with those initial skills being developed, I still feel like I have a long way to go. But the amazing thing this super power allows us to do is to create the experience we want to have in our lives despite our feelings and the reality of our circumstances.

If you’ve always wanted to have super powers, then this week’s video is just for you!


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