Who is #hersmile Nonprofit?

#hersmile, a nonproft founded in honor of Jenna Betti, funds programs to empower and inspire people to thrive despite adversity.  Our goal is to promote healing and resiliency during tragedies and difficult times.

We provide mini-financial grants to families who have experienced the tragic loss of a dependent child or the loss of a parent with dependent children.  In addition, we fund programs in middle schools and high school that teach resiliency and coping skills in order to best face life's great challenges.


You Are Enough Tee

#hersmile Seeks To Inspire A Life Of Hope, Strength And Inspiration despite your circumstances...

The #hersmile promotional tee 'You Are Enough' can be purchased NOW and up to December 10, 2017. 

This special tee is a reminder of the beauty and fullness we all posses.  It is dedicated to creating hope and self esteem not only in you but also for foster children across the nation, so they can be reminded of how truly special they are.

For every promotional shirt you purchase, a matching shirt will be sent to foster children through the TicketToDream.org organization.  Ticket To Dream believes hope starts with having shoes and clothing that fit, lifting their self-esteem. Their programs are ensuring foster children have vital services and support that allow them to heal and grow to reach their full potential.

#hersmile is proud to bring hope, strength and inspiration to you and to these special children during the holiday season.  All orders will be available for delivery or shipping by December 15, 2017.

You Are Enough Tee is $25



You're About To Discover How Apparel Can Inspire You

While Lifting The Lives Of Others...

Apparel Designed to Inspire

Is it possible to have a wardrobe that makes a difference?

Every piece of #hersmile apparel is designed to help inspire you to live an amazing life despite the challenges and hardships you face.  Our new Power of the Smile line inspires connection, love, inner peace, personal strength and personal care.  Choose, wear and embrace the inspiration of these tees in your life today!

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