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What Is Your Superpower

Are You Wasting Your Superpower?

Ask anyone on the street what superhero’s superpower they wish they had and I’m sure we’d hear things like mind-reading, being invisible, super strength, lightning speed, the ability to fly or, perhaps, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Above all, it’s fun to think about what life would be like if adventure and triumph were around every corner.

The most interesting thing to me is what we choose to do with the powers given to us as our birthright.  Think about it, many of our powers look the same from the outside, but from the inside we possess superpowers that are uniquely ours.

So with all the potential superpower that lies within us, why do so many of us squander it away?

For instance, I recently had a discussion in one of my workshops about a woman’s desire to lose weight.  She explained to me that she really wanted to lose the weight because it would help her feel better about herself.  Not to mention, she’d be setting a better example for her kids.  We talked about what she believed was holding her back.  It was clear to me that there wasn’t enough tension around her desire to lose weight that would catapult her into action. Meaning, she really didn’t want it bad enough, which ties right back into my point about our superpowers.

Think of every superhero’s tale.    They only bolt into action when chaos and stress magnify the tension on the lever within them.  Like when innocent people are being tormented by the hair-raising villain whose destruction upon Metropolis seems imminent.   This is when Clark Kent rips open his white pressed dress shirt and before the buttons have time to hit the ground, he morphs into Superman ready to save the day. 

Now I’m not trying to be funny here…okay…maybe just a little bit, but we work the exact same way.  We make a lot of excuses, get mildly comfortable and we get stuck. Bam! That’s the real reason we’re not living our best lives. When we finally become sick and tired of being sick and tired that’s when we use our superpowers.  When we feel broken, that’s when we use our superpowers. When we don’t have enough money to make ends meet, that’s when we use our superpowers.  When our pants no longer fit, that’s when we use our superpowers and on and on. 

So instead of waiting for tension to be thrust upon you in order to utilize the superpowers that lie within you, imagine yourself at the end of your life.  Ask yourself if you put your superpowers to good use during your lifetime.  If you think you could have used your superpowers more, then start learning how to tap into those powers right now.  

But how?

One of the best ways to create villainous tension in your life is to imagine if you ‘don’t’ do something what that may look like in your life moving forward. For example, imagine if you don’t get a grip on your expanding waistline.  Will you soon look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that was destroying New York City in the Ghostbusters (1984) motion picture? Will you have to lay flat on the ground to get your pants buttoned or be subject to elastic waistbands the rest of your days?   By stimulating your imagination through your brain’s visual cortex you also stimulate your brain’s amygdala and the amygdala means business.  This is the fight or flight center of your brain…call it __________________(Fill in your superhero name here).  This simple act of creating tension through using your imagination will quickly have you leaping tall buildings in a single bound!