Rafael Lopez’s Family – A Place to Call Home Need

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A Place to Call Home

When a petty robbery turned into a violent crime, Rafael Lopez’s children were also robbed of a life with their father by their side.  Rafael’s sister and family have taken the children in and although they are surrounded by love and concern, it became evident very quickly that more living space within her home was needed.

Please donate today to help support the build-out and conversion of part of their home to additional bedroom space for the children.

Rafael was a coach, brother, son and, most importantly, he was a father.

For the last seven years, Rafael was the sole provider for his four children. He left behind an 18 year old son who dreams of being a firefighter, a 15 year old son who wants to be a police officer, a 13 year old daughter who wants to be a singer and an 8 year old son wants to be a running back in the NFL. Rafael’s children meant everything to him and to Rafael’s children, Rafael was the heart of their family.

Rafael’s main passion in life besides his children was coaching. He played many sports as a kid and he found sports to be his outlet. He coached baseball, softball and football for the cities of Pittsburg, Concord and Clayton. If he went to his son’s football game, Rafael always ended up on the field helping out the kids. “Coach Raf ” often bought kids their first baseball mitt or baseball bat. He even bought kids cleats when times were tough for families.

Rafael’s smile would light up the darkest nights. He was so animated and funny. Rafael loved dancing and BBQing. Rafael was everybody’s hero. His spirit couldn’t be out-shown. If you had the chance to know him, then you loved him. People truly gravitated to Rafael.

The pain of Rafael’s absence has greatly impacted his children and family. Rafael’s sister has taken the four children into her home but resources are very tight. We offer this opportunity to you to make a contribution that will have a direct positive impact on Rafael’s family.