Memorial Fund for Paloma Hernandez’s Family Need

$1,050 of $10,000

A bright light came into our atmosphere when Paloma Cheyenne Hernandez was born on April 28, 1991.

Paloma lived her life with love, faith and courage. It was seen in her face, her eyes and smile, her funny sense of humor. From Oakley, California to Ohio and finally to Georgia, she grew, learned and loved.  She loved greatly with all of her heart and soul. Her favorite pastimes have been crafting, crocheting, home schooling her daughters, baking and hiking. She loved to laugh and would sometimes “shout-out” to her Facebook family and friends to send her funny memes.

In July 2020, Paloma was diagnosed with an intracranial tumor while pregnant with her third child. The surgery was scheduled for October, after delivery of her baby boy.  Paloma kept a positive attitude about it all, staying as strong as she could for her little family.  Her light flickered as the surgery took an unexpected turn.

Two years prior to this, Paloma had made arrangements to be an organ donor. She said that she always wanted to be in a position to help people. Because of her beautiful light in this life, she was able to give light and extend life to 6 people with the donation of her heart, kidneys, pancreas, liver and lungs.

Her life here has also spilled over to an enormous amount of family, friends and even acquaintances that just happened to encounter her. Her light will continuously shine on Rafi, her life partner and soulmate, her three beautiful children, daughters: Valentina (5 yrs old in January), Alessandra (3 yrs old), son: Leonidas Darius (2 months old) and fur baby, Sirius.

These five were her entire life and the reason for her light. We think in death, lights dim, blow out…but not so for Paloma. Her light still shines brightly in her children and in the lives of the 6 people she was able to help to live longer. She will never be forgotten…her light will always truly shine on all of us that loved her.