Johansen Family Need

$250 of $50,000

When the Johansen family learned of Tom’s aggressive Goblet Cell Adenocarcinoma Cancer diagnosis in January, their energy and focus has shifted from their normal to supporting Tom in every way they can.

The Johansens are givers in this community.  They rally the troops whenever a fundraiser has been needed for our kids sports, schools, and friends in need. They are known for bringing our community together to share laughs and life.  Tom has dedicated himself to building a business supporting his family and generously supporting others in the community. As much as Tom doesn’t like attention to himself, as he begins his treatment, his focus needs to be on him. As Tom’s primary caregiver,  Jenn’s focus needs to be on Tom. Their sons, Will, Ben, and Jack need to focus on work, school and spending as much quality time with their father as they can.

Given this incredible shift in priorities and energy, the Johansen’s are left without the financial stability that they have counted on to support their basic needs and family. The main challenges include Tom having periods where he will be unable to work due to the aggressive chemo plan and HIPEC treatment.  He cannot draw from disability benefits or a medical leave as a self employed individual. Their independent insurance plan has large deductibles and medical bills are already significant. There are two college tuitions for San Diego State and Chico State they are currently covering. Regular monthly home and living expenses that are usually taken care of  by Tom’s salary can no longer be covered.