Griffin Koerber Child Cancer Fundraiser Need

$3,405 of $50,000
In January 2023, at just 13-months-old, Griffin Koerber was showing serious symptoms of something his mom and dad were not expecting, loss of motor skills on his right side and extreme irritation even for a baby. Griffin was rushed to the hospital Emergency Room where he would go through several tests and scans to find out that he had a mass in his brain roughly 1/3 its size. This started the battle of his life. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and he has a long journey ahead of him.

Five months later, Griffin Strong has now a very serious meaning as Little Griffin has gone through 6 rounds of chemo, 10 blood transfusion, and 2 brain surgeries.

Griffin loves to play outside and attack bubbles, dance to music and laugh. Whether it’s in the hospital with new friends getting through the toughest challenges together, or at home blasting music and playing with water and bubbles outside, Griff always has a smile on his face! Griffin is a light and a warrior.