Alhambra High School Senior Scholarship’s Need

$50 of $10,000

It is no surprise that the Seniors of the class of 2021 have had it rough. They have missed out on so much of their high school experience. This class missed out on Prom totally, as it was cancelled last year and more than likely not happening this year. They missed out on their Homecoming, Disneyland Trip, Senior Boat Cruise, Senior Sunrise just to name a few. They are more than likely going to miss out on a Graduation Ceremony and their Grad Night as well.

The AHS PTSA, in partnership with #hersmile, are looking to help the senior class in any way we can. We are currently fundraising for senior scholarships. Any money raised during this fundraising drive will go directly to senior scholarship from the AHS PTSA. We are trying to do whatever we can to support these students who have lost so much of their high school experience.