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My Thoughts About 2018

As I sit here to write to you, I find myself having one of those moments. You know the moment when gratitude is not at the forefront of your thoughts. Look…I’m not proud of these feelings but I need to be honest with you. I’m flooded by thoughts of the emotional challenges I’ve faced throughout this year, relationships that disappointed and, at times, resenting the fact that I am called to, once again, rise beyond my circumstances. Seriously, life seems so personal at times. All these feelings coming from a person who works everyday to find joy and happiness in her life. So, yes, I feel vulnerable sharing this with you, but you deserve my honesty.

So as 2018 comes to a close and I reflect back on the challenges, victories and lessons of the year, my feelings begin to shift, and gratitude begins to take over. For if it wasn’t for the hardships and disappointments I’ve faced throughout this year, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’m proud of that person.

As you reflect on your year, may you too, begin to appreciate and have gratitude for your life’s challenges. It’s easy to be grateful for what’s working in your favor. The real test; however, is to be grateful for what rocks you, provokes you and defies you. For what I know is that we typically do not choose growth unless the need for it is thrust upon us.

The true beauty in life, I have found, is being able to create the life you want around the circumstances and challenges that surround you. Remember, too, that you are never alone. We come to this life and this physical space so our souls have the ability to grow, learn and expand. Many of us fail because the circumstances we are faced with are just too difficult but those who, somehow…someway, find a way to tap into their personal power expand beyond measure and they are forever changed for the better.

My wish for you is that 2019 allows you to spread your wings and to fly. Continue to create the life you want in every moment. You will fail at times but, remember, the next moment is coming. Continue to create. Live your life with intention. Be conscious. Work on awareness. Practice understanding another person’s perspective, practice forgiveness and release with love people and circumstances that do not serve you. Use this template as your guide and you will experience an amazing new year.

Happy New Year! Sending you much love ~ Dena Betti

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