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Guide to Moving…

Guide to Moving When You’re Grieving, by Lucille Rosetti,

There is no wrong way to grieve the loss of a loved one. It will take its toll in a myriad of ways, and even during recovery, there will be moments of immense sadness. You must take care of yourself during this time, as hard as that may be. Part of that may include seeking a new home for a fresh start. It can be overwhelming on deciding where to begin, which is why we have compiled this guide to help you during your time of grief.

Dealing With Possessions

Let’s begin by stating that there is no right or wrong way to hold onto or let go of a loved one’s possessions. It is up to you to decide if it’s right to give things away, sell them, or keep them as physical memories. Take the time you need, however long that is, before you begin because it will be emotionally exhausting. When you do feel ready, start by setting limits for yourself by deciding how much space you can dedicate to keeping items in your new home. If you have items that hold sentimental value, but are not practical to keep, consider taking a picture of the item to help you remember it. Sort everything thoroughly and label boxes clearly so you do not have to worry about mixing things up and accidentally giving away something of emotional value. Do your utmost to release feelings of guilt, if they surface, while you donate, sell, or gift your loved one’s things. Your loved one wouldn’t want you suffering any more than you already have, and most people can’t afford to indefinitely maintain a storage unit full of things they won’t use.

Picking an Agent

At this time, it’s understandable if you’re going to need help selling your home. A selling or listing agent can assist you with managing this stressful situation. You will want to be vigilant in choosing the right agent. Just because an agent gives you the lowest quote with the highest price tag for your home doesn’t mean that this is the agent you should choose. You will want someone who knows precisely how to handle your home for the best outcome. Choose someone who has an excellent history and remember that the larger the companies the agents represent, the more money they have at their disposal to advertise your home. When buying a new home, make sure to research home prices in your area.   For a home in Martinez, CA, the median listing price is $612,000.

Get Extra Help

Some days will be a real challenge. Packing up an entire home, having to go through all the memories of each item, and then loading up whatever vehicle you have at your disposal, however many trips it takes, can be overwhelming. It may benefit you to hire professional packers and movers to help make the transition to a new residence go smoother. As with an agent, do your research and make sure you get the most reputable company possible. Start by getting quotes from several companies in writing, and then compare rates and read up on reviews about the companies you have chosen. You want a company who has a reputation of treating customers and their households with respect.

Bring Memories With You

Just because you’re moving, whether to get a fresh start or because you cannot afford your current home, does not mean you’re forsaking the memory of your loved one. All you are doing is making your life simpler and less stressful. To make the transition easier for you, you may want to make dedicated areas for your loved one’s belongings. Incorporate these items into your home so you can see them regularly, use them, and be reminded of your happy days together.

No two people will experience grief the same way. What works for someone may not work for another, which is why it is important for you to be open with yourself and your loved ones about what you need. Allow yourself to experience grief as it happens. And always remember, you’re not alone.

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