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Often times, our loved ones who’ve died come to us in our dreams. Unlike most dreams however, these visits feel “real” – they don’t fade upon waking, and when recalled, feel more like a memory of a physical experience than the hazy events of nightly dreams.

“My sister and best friend all my life was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2011. I did anything and everything for Karen up until the bitter end. I cooked her meals, went to all her chemo and doctor appointments, prepped her meals on the weekends for the week ahead, etc. One day when we were talking about stuff she wanted me to do after she was gone, I asked her if she was going to come back and see me. She said, “I will if I can.” She passed at home while I laid in bed with her. She was 61.

Karen never came to see me for a couple of years. I was pretty bummed out. One night I had a dream that I was in some sort of train or bus station. I turned around and she walked up. She was with two older men and I knew immediately that they were chaperones, and though I didn’t see their faces, they were wearing long white gowns. Karen walked right up to me. She looked like she was about 30. Clean face, no make-up, long, brown hair. She just smiled a little smile…like Mona Lisa. We just stared at each other. No words. And I woke up. It was SO real. I wouldn’t allow myself to go back to sleep for fear of forgetting this moment. I stayed awake the rest of the night. It was awesome.

The next time we saw each other was a year or so later and again in a dream. I was at a soccer game (my girls played soccer for 18 years and Karen went to nearly every game). I was in a stadium that had concrete bleachers. I was sitting up towards the top. I noticed a woman sitting several rows down. Every time I looked at her – and I could only see her back – she was up another row until she was just two rows below me. Then she turned around and it was Karen. She was older, shorter hair, but with that same little smile. I called out to her by name and she just sat there. I said something like, “What are you doing here?”, but she didn’t answer. She just kept smiling at me. When I woke up I again had that feeling of it being SO real…and again, I stayed awake so that I wouldn’t forget!”

Shared by Nancy D., San Diego

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